Edward Tse for Catholic School Trustee

Our children need to be prepared to

Compete in a Global Workplace

Blessings, I’m Edward Tse, a dad of two boys in Calgary Catholic. With 15 years of experience in education and technology I know that for our children to compete in a global workplace, they will need to learn 21st century skills that will not be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. 

I’m advocating for our children today so that they thrive now and in the future. Here’s how my experience will work for you as your Catholic School Trustee

Edward Tse for Catholic School Trustee

Parent Voice

It’s not enough to survey Parents.

Let’s report on the actions we take from Parent feedback.

Curriculum and Skills

What happens when your boss is an artificial intelligence (AI) and not a person?

We need 21st century skills that won’t be replaced by AI.


It’s not enough to provide historical awareness of First Nations.

We can advocate for action that helps indigenous people today.

Diversity and Inclusion

CCSD has a rich cultural diversity that can enhance the learning for all.

Here’s one dad’s perspective

Health and Wellness

It’s not enough to speak to mental health awareness.

We need opportunities to use empathy in practice. 

Defending Catholic Education

 It’s not enough to argue that we have a constitutional right to Catholic education.

We can position Catholic education as a benefit for all. 

Meet Edward Tse

Hey, I’m Edward Tse, a life long Calgarian a dad of two extraordinary children, including my son with diverse learning needs.

The world our children work in today is very different from the one that we were raised in. They need to learn 21st century skills that will not be replaced by AI and automation. We need to help them foster understanding and respect for diverse perspectives—by celebrating diversity in our school communities, advocating for active reconciliation, and listening and including the voice of parents in decision making.

I was the founding School Council chair for two CSSD schools including the 5,700 learners at St Isidore Online School. I worked with administrators and parents to strengthen our parent and student communities. I advocated for social and emotional support for not just our children but also for parents. I believe in using new ways to defend Catholic education. My Ph.D. from the University of Calgary is in Computer Science. 

Edward Tse for Catholic School Trustee
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