Helping us

Compete in a Global Workplace

Dr. Ed brings over 15 years of experience in education and technology to develop the future proof skills needed to compete in a global workplace. This includes training in robotics and Artificial intelligence (Ai).

Even if you never write a line of code, you train an Ai every time you use the Internet.  

For Parents

Parents know how best to help the development of their own children. 

We transform screen time from sedation, to relation, to creation.

Ai Curriculum

Are you worried aboutthe impact generative Ai will have on jobs?

Develop 21st century skills that won’t be replaced by Ai or automation.

Restorative Practice

Learn how we can fight echo chambers that amplify hate.

Learn restorative practices with social media that help you build resilience and regulation.

Diversity and Inclusion

The most creative ideas come from the most diverse decision making tables.

Leverage the creative potential of your team.

Mental Health

If students report overwhelm, anxiety, and depression from what they see online…

knowing Ai can help with their regulation and resilience.

Faith Online

 In this world of science and technology we need a foundation that does not change.

Our faith foundation is the key to regulation amdist the storm.

Meet Dr. Ed

Dr. Ed is just a geek kid who is obsessed about the future. He was shown forgiveness by his Grade 7 French Teacher where he learned how creativity applies not only to our interests to everything we do. He stayed creative through his Ph.D. in User Experience (UX) and Artificial intelligence (Ai) where he worked on systems that recognize voice and gesture for multiple people. He stayed creative as an expert witness on the Apple vs Samsung litigation. 

Dr. Ed was blessed to have a YouTube video go viral in 2005 when YouTube first started, from this he learned that Ai is much more than numbers and code, it’s power on the Internet. 

Since this time Dr. Ed served as the founding School Council chair for two schools including the 5,700 learners at St Isidore Online School. He coached teachers and learners on the social studies of Ai to grow their resilience and creativity. 

Edward Tse for Catholic School Trustee

Future Ready Skills

Dr. Ed believes that we are in a unique time in history, an enlightenment, or age of Ai. As more people leave the workforce, those entering will be expected to pick up the slack. How can we be 10X more productive without knowing about robotics and Ai? 

When we are posting content on social media, or freelancing online, the first one to see our work is an Ai. The power of Ai to control attention is something that shapes our perspective and our society. 

Ai Parenting was founded to teach that every Ai is trying to optimize for the benefit of it’s owner. To teach how our data is our digital soul, and how we need a whole new generation of students who are ready to be active in their own digital futures. Digital citizenship must be about more than privacy fears, it must to be an agent to drive change.  

Digital Citizenship Small
Future Ready Skills