Here’s how my experience will work for you as your Catholic School Trustee

Parent voice

School closures required parents to move from being supporters of their kids education to partners. As a long-time advocate of the parent voice provincially and locally, I’ve seen how parent ideas improve learning at school and at home. It’s not enough to survey parents, as School Council Chair I made a point of reporting on the actions we took from Parent feedback.

Curriculum and skills

Over 1/2 of GenZ workers are freelancing on Ai platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. What happens when your boss is an Ai and not a human? I want our children to be prepared to compete in a global workplace. This means teaching 21st century skills that won’t be replaced by automation, outsourcing, and digitization such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.


It’s not enough to provide awareness of the history of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples of Canada. As a long time School Council Chair I’ve been a huge advocate for action that helps Indigenous people today and for including Indigenous voice and choice in any reconciliation decisions.

Health and Wellness

It’s not enough to speak to mental health awareness, we need opportunities to practice empathy in our classrooms, communities, and online. The social emotional foundation that our children to thrive has changed in our world of social media, these days coding is the new Law and data is the new Vote. As the founder of Ai Parenting, I want my children learn about Data Privacy and Ai well before Grade 8.

Diversity and Inclusion

CCSD has a rich cultural diversity that can enhance the learning experience for all when we recognize and celebrate it. As a founding School Council chair for 2 Schools with rich cultural diversity, I’ve seen how cultural experiences, role models, and translated communications can inspire and motivate learners. Currently, there are no dads that are CSSD trustees, so I’d provide new options and strategies to help our children.

Defending Catholic Education

 It’s not enough to argue that we have a constitutional right to Catholic education, we need to directly address the criticisms of Catholic education through clear messaging and action. I have experiences both with CBE and CSSD, I’ve also heard the concerns of rural School communities in Alberta and am prepared to position Catholic education as a benefit for all. 


Congratulations for investing in the future of your children’s education by viewing my platform for Catholic School trustee for Calgary wards 1, 2, and Cochrane.