🗳 Voting Matters – Parent Voice and Choice

Effective politics requires consensus, here are voting strategies for delivering the change that parents want.

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A parent came up and asked my thoughts on a trustee in Toronto that had strong faith beliefs, was ridiculed, silenced, and ultimately sued. I’m a system level thinker so I told her that seems like a violation of this person‘s rights under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms.

The freedom of religion and freedom of expression are Charter rights at the top of the hierarchy of laws in Canada. School boards cannot through policy or action limit a persons Charter rights.

I’ve said that my perspectives align with the scientific consensus. However, I will fight for your right to choose because it is important for our freedom and our democracy.

We are strong because we have a diversity of opinions, the freedom to express those in public debate, and the right to choose what is best for our children.

We were never meant to work, learn, and struggle alone. Great things come when parents connect.